HTA InfoTehnic

Complete solutions for industrial automation

Electrical/Control Systems

  • Electrical design/engineering;
  • Pre-engineered or custom electric control cabinets designed and built to your specifications;
  • Solutions and equipment for electrical drives/applications;
  • Operator control and monitoring solutions;
  • Implementation of inspection, visualization, and identification systems: industrial scanners, product inspection cameras and advanced vision systems;
  • Industrial communication solutions: Industrial Ethernet, Profinet, Profibus, AS-Interface, IO-Links;
  • PC based automation systems;
  • Process control systems;
  • Industrial labeling systems(industrial printers and automatic label aplicators);
  • Solutions for industrial marking(hot marking, laser marking, micropercution marking, ink/paint marking);
  • Automatic screw feeding and screw driving solutions;
  • Conveyor systems and material handling solutions;
  • Industrial robotic solutions;
  • Controlled temperature environment applications (heating/cooling tunnels/machines);
  • Electronic security systems for industrial equipment;
  • Assembly Stations;
  • Test/Inspection stations;
  • Positioning devices;
  • Measuring devices;