HTA InfoTehnic

      As your business grows and technology evolves, depend on HTA Info-Tehnic industrial automation consulting services to help you optimize your plant floor operations. Industrial automation consulting adds value at any point along your organization's timeline - as a part of greenfield facility startups, brownfield modernization projects, user requirements and functional specifications, hardware and software vendor analysis, system upgrades and periodic process automation assessments. Our consultants have the automation, the industry work process and the best-practices expertise needed to address your operational concerns and to provide comprehensive recommendations for improvement.
      Our consulting team provides helpful insight for optimizing your control system architecture. We evaluate your current architecture and match it to your needs. Working as your industrial automation consulting partner, we help you:

  • Evaluate your architecture to meet your control requirements.
  • Align workflow and communication protocol with business processes
  • Define flexible, growth-oriented architecture to achieve your future automation goals.
  • Improve reliability and performance of PLC systems.
  • Optimize data collection, data management systems and data historians.
  •       HTA Info-Tehnic offers mechanical/electrical/pneumatic/software support for automated processes. Our dedicated team of engineers are skilled and trained in fault finding and can offer full system and application support. The support team’s mission is to react immediately to our customer’s problems to get their plant operational as quickly as possible and to advise on further solutions to prevent the problem occurring again.

    With our services you will have access to:

  • Experience in all major PLC packages;
  • Full system support (Mechanical/Electrical & System Engineers);
  • Customized service agreements to meet your exact requirements;
  • Fast response from experienced engineers;
  • Remote & On-Site Support;
  • MES capabilities;
  • Preventative maintenance;
  •       Our goal is to provide efficient and cost-effective Customized Industrial Automation Solutions to customers through latest technology and achieve excellence in every sphere of work. With our experience in designing, developing and manufacturing of custom and OEM automated machinery, HTA Info-Tehnic is prepared to help you meet your goals. Many companies have turned to us when they need to out-source a special project or they don't have the resources or experience in house to create a product.